To Recognize, Look

Pang asked Mazu, "If you met someone who was a distinctly authentic person, how would you recognize him?"
Mazu directed his gaze downward.
Pang asked, "Only you are able to play a tune on a stringless harp."
Mazu looked up, and Pang bowed.
Mazu then returned to his room.
Pang followed him, saying, "Just now, I tried to trick you, but you made a fool out of me instead."
(The Sayings of Layman Pang, #4: "A Distinctly Authentic Person")

Look down, Angel, upon this very spot.
Right where we are, we're on holy ground.
Look down, Angel: the blessing of your glance upon the
Look up, Angel.
See me with the music of your harp.
Dance with me to the tune that from no strings comes.
Dance with me, no strings attached, til we melt
With ruth.
Look homeward, Angel.
I am following the direction of your gaze.

"We're on holy ground right where we are" - Amy Carol Webb
"Look homeward Angel, now and melt with ruth" - John Milton

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