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Links to the Saturdao installments so far:

Saturdao 1, verse 1a. Saturdao 2, verse 1b
Saturdao 3, verse 2a. Saturdao 4, verse 2b
Saturdao 5, verse 3a. Saturdao 6, verse 3b
Saturdao 7, verse 4. Saturdao 8, verse 5a
Saturdao 9, verse 5b. Saturdao 10, verse 6
Saturdao 11, verse 7. Saturdao 12, verse 8a
Saturdao 13, verse 8b. Saturdao 14, verse 9
Saturdao 15, verse 10a. Saturdao 16, verse 10b
Saturdao 17, verse 11a. Saturdao 18, verse 11b
Saturdao 19, verse 12. Saturdao 20, verse 13a
Saturdao 21, verse 13b. Saturdao 22, verse 14a
Saturdao 23, verse 14b. Saturdao 24, verse 15a
Saturdao 25, verse 15b. Saturdao 26, verse 16a
Saturdao 27, verse 16b. Saturdao 28, verse 17.
Saturdao 29, verse 18. Saturdao 30, verse 19a.

The 16 translations are:

1. James Legge (1891). Internet.
2. Archie Bahm (Professor of Philosophy, U of New Mexico; Frederick Ungar Publishing, 1958). Order your copy here.
3. Frank MacHovec (The Peter Pauper Press, 1962). Order your copy here.
4. D.C. Lau (1963). Internet.
5. Jane English and Gia-Fu Feng (Vintage, Random House, 1972). On internet.
6. Stan Rosenthal (Shi-tien Roshi; British School of Zen Taoism. 1984). Internet.
7. Jacob Trapp (Yucca Printing, 1987). Order your copy here.
8. Stephen Mitchell (HarperCollins, 1988). On internet.
9. Victor Mair, based on recently discovered Ma-Wang-Tui manuscripts (Bantam Books, 1990). Order your copy here.
10. Michael LaFargue, The Tao of the Tao Te Ching: A Translation and Commentary (SUNY Press, 1992). Order your copy here.
11. Peter Merel (1995). Internet.
12. Ursula LeGuin (Shambala, 1997). Order your copy here.
13. Ron Hogan (2002). Internet. Or Wang Keping (Foreign Language Press, Beijing, 1998). Order your copy here.
14. Roger T. Ames and David L. Hall (Ballantine Books, 2003). Order your copy here.
15. Yasuhiko Genku Kimura (2004). (Order your copy)
16. Stephen Addiss and Stanley Lombardo (2007). (Order your copy)

There's a collection of 50 translations available as a PDF here. This collection includes 6 of the 16 translations I include (Legge, Lau, Feng, Mair, LaFargue, and Kimura) -- and does not include the other 10 (Bahm, MacHovec, Rosenthal, Trapp, Mitchell, Merel, LeGuin, Keping, Ames-Hall, and Addiss-Lombardo are not included). Forty-two of the translations are in English; eight in Russian.

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